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27 November 2011

Glitter Tipped Nails


After my adventures on Pinterest yesterday, I decided to do something interesting with my nails. This would look even better on longer nails, but I'm pretty satisfied. Oh, and sorry for the crummy iPhone pics. I did try to dress them up a bit in Instagram. 

Here's how to do this:
1. Paint your nails whatever main color you want. I obviously chose a nude pink, but I've seen it with louder colors and it looks AWESOME.
2. Apply clear coat if you wish. I did, but I really don't think it will matter much. 
3. Grab your bottle of crazy glitter polish, and just do the tips as if you were doing a french tip. Don't worry about clean lines. Let dry, and repeat. 
4. After that second coat of glitter is dry, do the tips again. Except this time use a thinner amount on the brush and do it backwards, pulling toward the nail bed as far as you would like. A thin layer of glitter should extend above the tips. You can play around a bit with this to make it a smooth transition
5. Let that dry, and clear coat those puppies like crazy. Make sure you coat the edges of your nails, so they're less likely to peel off. 
6. Enjoy your sparkly nails. :)

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