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07 December 2011

First Snow

The first snow of the season here in Knoxville was wet, bulky, and short.


  1. Oooh, but the pictures are pretty pretty pretty!

  2. Aw, thanks! I only lasted about four minutes outside, haha. At least I got a few shots for you folks. :)

  3. Hi Britney! (Sp??) You should consider putting an emaiil address on your blogger profile. That way when you comment on someone's page, they can email you back.

    I don't have a facebook account for my blog yet.. I am working on that one. :0)

    Merry Christmas!! Good luck with the move! I can't wait to hear all about it. 5 years ago my hubs and I moved from Florida to Oregon with a one month old.. now THAT was a crazy trip!!

  4. Hey girly, I couldn't find you email anywhere...

    This is Nichelle from Vintage Wanna Bee. I never got an email from you with your button for winning the giveaway, could you send it over? It's a 250x 100 spot on my blog.


    Sorry I couldn't track down your email!


  5. Jamie, I will definitely do that right now!

    I just find it easier to keep up with blogs on facebook, haha. Plus blogger is having some issues and not saving who I follow. Nobody shows up in my reading list, unless they've fixed it this week. :(

    And thanks! Merry Christmas to you, too!

    Nichelle, got your email this morning. Thank you so much!