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28 December 2011

No Sweets?

I'm doing something I've never done before. 

I'm on a diet

After getting married, I put on a few pounds or twenty . . . five. I'm blaming it on the fact that hubby can eat whatever he wants and still stay thin, compounded with the two mall jobs I had last Christmas that sent me on multiple trips for Starbucks lattes (and I didn't even think to get them skinny) and Chik-fil-a peppermint shakes a week. Before last winter, I was consistently a small girl. Not super skinny, but small. Like 115-120 pounds at almost 5'3". It worked for me.

I had plans to start counting calories once we got settled into our new home to try to get back to my high school weight, but I got the idea from another blog (Better Life Bags) on Facebook to go sugar-free right after Christmas. Now, I'm not going all out, and I don't think I'll have to in order to see a difference. 

I'm allowing myself plenty of fruit (and lots of veggies, of course), honey, and a limited amount of artificial sweeteners. I already splurged on a diet lemonade at Chik-fil-a yesterday. 
I just can't eat any "sweets". You know what they are. I will, although, have a few preplanned exceptions.

Next Wednesday when we see my family in Mobile for our "going away-ish" party, there will be ice cream. I originally wanted a cake from the lady who did our wedding cakes, but we opted to spend that money on a fabulous shrimp boil instead (ohmygoodnessicantwaitimissshrimp!). So yeah, I'm eating ice cream that day. Then there will probably be some skinny lattes involved on our four day drive across the country. ;)And then probably Valentine's Day and then my birthday. 

My goal is to go clothes shopping on my birthday in March. And by "clothes shopping" I mean "smaller clothes shopping". So let the weight loss begin. 

I'll probably still end up counting calories a bit in February, and I'm going to try to find a yoga class (talk about some sculpting!) to get leaner and stronger. And hubby wants us to take kung fu. 

As of now, I'm at the end of my third day without sweets, and I really do actually feel a difference. I'm just a little more alert and a little less sluggish. I had to hide the pecan tassies at my MIL's house from myself earlier (that has been my biggest temptation so far), but it'll be worth it. I just have to remember that.


  1. Just stumbled upon this!! So excited you are joining me in the sugar fast! How is it going?! Mine has been up and down, but each day I try again ;)

    And my birthday is in March, too - and I'm also planning a shopping trip!!

    here's to a healthy new us!


  2. whoops... that last comment was from me (not my husband!)

  3. Haha, Rebecca, I've posted on my husband's facebook before thinking it was me.
    I've done really well except for our traveling days (I mean, I'm not going to turn down dessert made especially for us by family . . . or lattes), and I can't believe it! But yes, shopping in March. :D