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13 June 2012

February 2012

In February, we got used to our new view from our home.
We did some eating on the floor for a lack of furniture.
After a few weeks, we got a table!
 And a sofa, too! I just wish it always stayed that pretty. 
 Then hubby had to leave for training. :( He sent me this picture to show me his new haircut. He's so cute.
 While he was gone, I got one of these.
Which quickly turned into this.
 I did a lot a little not enough of this.
And ate a lot of this.
 He sent me these for Valentine's Day. Lilies are the first flowers he ever sent me, and I've been obsessed with their scent ever since. I even had them put in my wedding bouquet just so I could smell them as I walked down the  aisle.

 And he missed out on a few days of this. Snow is weird here. It's fluffy and light and melts by noon. It didn't even feel cold outside when I was standing in the snow. WEIRD.
I also made one of these for our bedroom while he was gone. Look for the tutorial coming soon . . . 

Hubby came back at the end of February. I totally wasn't even thinking about whether or not I would get emotional at the airport until I saw this grandma kneel down just outside the gate for her two grandbabies to run to her. Right then, I knew I would lose it as soon as he came out. 
Darn it.

Anyway, he's been back for a while now, and we see no more TDYs for him in the near future. That makes me happy.

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