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19 June 2012

March, April, & May 2012

Once hubby got back, I slowed down with the whole picture-taking-out-of-boredom thing. But I still managed to get a few. 

Apparently spring here in Albuquerque isn't the nicest of seasons like it is everywhere else. Here, spring means wind. A lot of wind. 

Thankfully, we moved way up into the NE corner of Abq instead of the SE on base. I suppose if you looked at the proper map you'd see that we're right up against the mountains. Apparently those mountains protect us from some of that crazy wind that blows people's trampolines into other people's yards down on base. What's that? Pics or it didn't happen? 

Anyway, continuing into March:
I got sick for about a week. I honestly think it was part allergies, which is crazy. I've never had allergy problems before, and here I almost died. Ok, not really. But I did have to get a humidifier.
I put on a vendor show. We had 19 vendors at the Club on base. Everyone had really awesome setups, but that darn wind kind of messed us up. Most people didn't want to go out in it, and I sure don't blame them. It was intense.
 I got better, then I had a birthday (and a very large margarita).
Then hubby had a birthday. Y'all like my decorating job, don't you? I think I gained 5lbs eating this cake. 
We have bunnies near our house. Jackrabbits, too. 
I found a place with amazing desserts. What you're seeing here, my friends, is a creme brulee beneigh. Um, yeah. 
I've been learning to cook since I want to make healthy recipes. This was a minor setback. 
My super-cool friend Christina and I went hunting for good photo shoot locations in the convertible one day. She's a very talented photographer, and she's brave enough to venture into the world of boudoir. You go, Christina!
 I started making my smoothies a little greener, and I like it!
We found a new running trail. It's pretty much right across the street from us, which is super convenient.
And most recently, I attempted a good old cajun shrimp boil. Hubby, being an inlander, was kind of afraid of the heads. I did overcook the shrimp, though, so hopefully the next attempt will be much better.

All in all, we're liking it here so far. We've made some really great friends in a short period of time, which is a blessing, and we're settling in well. Still adjusting to the altitude when it comes to running, but the weather is fabulous. 

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  1. Visiting from Coast to Coast! I'm a NM blogger too. Glad to see that you are enjoying Albuquerque!